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Craig Bucknall (Sydney)
After visiting the Glebe Record Fair last Saturday I was blown away with your vinyl stock and the prices were outstanding as was the quality of stock you had on offer...I walked away with a swag of new metal albums that I hadn't yet seen in stores, thx Jamie you can look forward to my continued support and being my preferred seller for all things vinyl. Craig
2018-04-19 21:50:03
Mitch O'Connor (Australia (Victoria))
Thanks Jamie. Your service is second to none. I have already recommended you to plenty of people, and will continue to do so. Thank you for all your help. Mitch
2018-04-27 07:38:20
Robin Winning (Australia (NSW))
Hi Jamie This was my first order from your great site and as a new customer I just wanted to say I received my selection thank you and I was impressed with the way you had taken so much care to package the vinyl. Thanks again .... Rob
2018-04-27 08:31:24
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Danzig - The Lost Tracks Of (Coloured Vinyl)

Danzig - The Lost Tracks Of (Coloured Vinyl)
Product Code: Danzig - The Lost Tracks Of (Coloured Vinyl)
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Price: AU$51.95
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Pale Blue Black Splatter Coloured Vinyl 

Limited to 500 Copies

The 2CD mediabook set The Lost Tracks Of Danzig is being made available on vinyl for the first time. The vinyl edition (pressed on colored double LP) of The Lost Tracks of Danzig consists of 24 previously unreleased tracks that span Danzig's entire career. The Lost Tracks of Danzig will also contain a special 8-page booklet with a foreword personally written by Glenn Danzig, a sentence or two with the history or an anecdote for each track, and plenty of vintage photos.

"Whenever I've made a new album, I've recorded more songs than were needed for the final CD," said Danzig. "The songs that make it onto the final album 'fit' or 'flow' together as a whole. Consequently, some tremendous Danzig songs have never been released, not because they weren't great, but because they didn't fit the overall vibe of the particular album, or for other reasons."

When Glenn began the Lost Tracks project, the songs were in various stages of completion – some were still in demo form, some had no vocals, some needed a different mix, a new bass or guitar track, or some other type of tweaking. So, after spending months tracking down and reviewing the original tapes, he entered the studio and completed the tracks, handling the vocals and finishing all the instrumental parts himself.


  1. Pain Is Like An Animal
  2. When Death Had No Name
  3. Angel Of The 7th Dawn
  4. You Should Be Dying
  5. Cold, Cold Rain
  6. Buick McKane
  7. When Death Had No Name
  8. Satan's Crucifiction
  9. The Mandrake's Cry
  10. White Devil Rise
  11. Come To Silver (Acoustic Version)
  12. Deep
  13. Warlock


  1. Lick The Blood Off My Hands
  2. Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
  3. I Know Your Lie
  4. Caught In My Eye
  5. Cat People
  6. Bound By Blood
  7. Who Claims The Souless
  8. Malefical
  9. Soul Eater
  10. Dying Seraph
  11. Lady Lucifera

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