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Craig Bucknall (Sydney)
After visiting the Glebe Record Fair last Saturday I was blown away with your vinyl stock and the prices were outstanding as was the quality of stock you had on offer...I walked away with a swag of new metal albums that I hadn't yet seen in stores, thx Jamie you can look forward to my continued support and being my preferred seller for all things vinyl. Craig
2018-04-19 21:50:03
Mitch O'Connor (Australia (Victoria))
Thanks Jamie. Your service is second to none. I have already recommended you to plenty of people, and will continue to do so. Thank you for all your help. Mitch
2018-04-27 07:38:20
Robin Winning (Australia (NSW))
Hi Jamie This was my first order from your great site and as a new customer I just wanted to say I received my selection thank you and I was impressed with the way you had taken so much care to package the vinyl. Thanks again .... Rob
2018-04-27 08:31:24
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The Easybeats - Absolute Anthology 1965-1969 (2LP Vinyl)

The Easybeats - Absolute Anthology 1965-1969 (2LP Vinyl)
Product Code: The Easybeats - Absolute Anthology 1965-1969 (2LP Vinyl)
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The Easybeats are Australian music royalty; they left an undeniable mark on Australian music history that continues to be felt today. Originating from a migrant detention centre in Sydney's west, the band went on to international stardom in the 1960s, they were the first act from Australia to score an international hit with the 1966 single 'Friday on My Mind'.

Released once on vinyl in 1980. One print run only. Never released on CD or digitally

Music has been remastered by long term Alberts producer Don Bartley

Artwork has been recreated to match the original pressing


A comprehensive collection of The Easybeats recordings – the album was curated by Ted Albert in the late 70s.


  1. For My Woman
  2. Say That You're Mine
  3. She's so Fine
  4. Wedding Ring
  5. Easy as Can Be
  6. Sad and Lonely and Blue
  7. You Said That
  8. You Got It Off Me
  9. You Can't Do That
  10. Funny Feelin'
  11. In My Book
  12. Women (Make You Feel Alright)


  1. Come and See Her
  2. I'll Make You Happy (2017 Remaster
  3. Too Much
  4. Sorry
  5. Made My Bed (Gonna Lie in It)
  6. Friday On My Mind
  7. Pretty Girl
  8. Remember Sam
  9. Who'll Be the One You Love
  10. Do You Have a Soul? (Good Friday Version) ( 2017 Remaster)
  11. Heaven & Hell


  1. Hello, How Are You?
  2. Come in You'll Get Pneumonia
  3. Good Times
  4. Bring a Little Lovin'
  5. The Music Goes Round My Head (Fast) ( 2017 Remaster)
  6. Falling Off the Edge of the World
  7. The Shame Just Drained
  8. What in the World
  9. Land of Make Believe
  10. Peculiar Hole in the Sky


  1. Lisa
  2. Saturday Night
  3. Amanda Storey
  4. Down to the Last 500
  5. Lay Me Down and Die (Vocal Version)
  6. Wait a Minute
  7. I Love Marie
  8. Rock 'n' Roll Boogie
  9. Can't Find Love
  10. St. Louis

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